Friday, February 5, 2010

$10 Coupon Booklet

Box Tops for Education is offering a $10 coupon booked to member. If you are not a member sign up here. Go here to get your coupons.

Mega Swagbucks Day

Today is Mega Swagbucks Day which means that Swagbucks is giving more swagbucks away today then every other day. Here is how I get so many Swagbucks. I get a list of all the companies I want to email to try and get coupons from, then I use Swagbucks to search for the websites and I earn them that easily. I was going to look up the companies anyway so why not earn points. Right now I have enough for 3 $5 gift cards for Amazon!

Another way to earn points is by going to Ways to Earn, Special Offers, and then No Obligation Offers. Click Skip through the 7 ads and then get a code to get another swagbuck. Any questions just leave me a comment. I love easy ways of earning fun gift cards.

Great Deals to Score

So here are a few deals I was able to score in the past few days of shopping. I grocery shop and household shop once a month, around the first so while it may seem I shopped a lot the past few days that is becasue I will not shop again for the rest of the month.

Weis deals I scored:

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers on sale $1.00 -.75 coupon here that they doubled .75 twice making this a .50 cent money maker

Turkey Hill 1/2 gallon teas on sale $1.33- .35 coupon doubled=.63 cents( I emailed Turkey Hill a compliment for these coupons, do so here.

Kraft Shredded Cheese $2.00x2=$4.00-$1.00 here= $3.00 or $1.50 each

Yoplait Yogurt 20/$8.00- $1.00/6 here, -$1.00/6 here, -$1.00/8 here= $5.00-$2.00 coupon printed for next trip = $3.00 or .15 cents each

Nabisco Crackers on sale $2.00x2=$4.00-$2/2 here=$2.00 or $1.00 each

Target Deals:

Pampers Case of Diapers $19.99x2=$39.98- 2 $10 coupons(emailed Pampers a compliment for these, do so here)-$5 gift card=$ 14.98 or $7.49 each

Glade Air Fresheners Starter Kits $5.99-$3.00(1/24 SS)=$2.99

Monopoly Deal Game $5.24-$4.00 here= $1.24

Scrabble Slam Card game $5.24-$4.00 here=$1.24

Tostito's Chips $2.50x2=$5.00-$1.00 here plus get a free jar of salsa=$4.00 for all 3 or just $1.33 each