Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Free Items Round Up

So are you ready to start getting a ton of mail? I haven't posted many freebie recently and now have a whole list to offer you. Have fun and tell me the goodies you get!

Free Sample of Berres Brothers' Flavored Coffee- Enter code 21RR

Free Sample of New Tropical Chewy Lemonhead & Friends Candy

Free sample of Crest 3D Whitestrips

Hyland's Restful Legs

Free Kotex Sample

Fekkai Hair Product Sample

Prilosec OTC sample

Style Connection from Redken

Emergen-C sample

Sponge Bob Cream of Wheat sample

Tide Sample and coupon- for P&G member

FREE CitraClear Dishwasher Softener Sample

Martin's and Giant Weekly Specials 2/14-2/20

You may not know that Giant and Martin's are the same store, just depends on where you live as to what they are called. So I am able to combine the deals in one post since they are the same. There are just a few different prices, but they are noted for each. Look at all the sales for Giant and Martin's here. Prices may also vary by region.

Healthy Choice complete meals $2.00x2-$1.25 here=$2.75 or $1.37 each

Dole Blend or Complete salad kit $3.69x2-BOGO-.75(x2 doubled) here(use zip code 77803)= $1.69 or .85 each

Betty Crocker Tuna Helpers $1.25x3-.75(doubled) here= $2.75 or .91 each

Pepperdige Farms Swirl Bread $2.50-.55(doubled) here=$1.50

Bertolli Pasta Sauce $2.00-.60(doubled 2/14 RP)=$1.00

Bertolli Olive Oil $3.99-$1(1/31 SS)=$2.99

Select General Mills Cereal $2.00x4-$1(2/7GM)=$7.00 or $1.75 each
$2.00x4-.75(x4 doubled, may need 2 computers) here= $4.00 or $1.00 each

Kellogg's Pop Tarts $2.00x3-$1(2/7RP)= $5.00 or $1.67 each

Kraft Shredded Cheese $2.50x2-$1(1/24SS)=$4.00 or $2.00 each

Shedd's Country Crock $2.79-$1 here=$1.79

International Delight Coffee Creamer $1.50-.55(doubled) here = .50

Welch's Juice Cocktail $2.29x2-$1 here= $3.58 or $1.79 each

Dannon Crushable cups $2.00x2-$1(2/7SS)=$3.00 or $1.50 each

Bird's Eye Viola $3.99-$1 here=$2.99(Giant is $3.69 so $2.69 after Q)

Quilted Northern 6 pack $3.99-$1(1/24RP)=$2.99

Scotties tissues $1x5-$1(2/14RP)=$4.00 or .80 each

Gain detergent $4.99-.50(doubled 2/7 PG)=$3.99

Purina Cat Chow 3.5 lb bag $3.99-$1(1/31 SS)=$2.99

Charmin 6 pack $3.99-.25(doubled 2/7PG)=$3.49

Snuggle Fabric Softener $3.99-.75(doubled 1/31RP)=$2.99

Pedigree Denta Sticks $2.99-$2(2/14 RP)=$.99

Friskies Cat Food 3.5lb bag $3.89-$1(2/7RP0=$2.89($3.79 at Giant so $2.79 after Q)

Slim Fast 200 cal. bars $5.49-$1.25 here= $4.24

Secret Flawless Deodorant $4.39-.50(doubled 1/17PG0=$3.39($3.69 at Giant so $2.69 after Q)

Hershey Kisses $3.00x2-$2(1/31SS0=$4.00 or $2.00 each

Danimals Collision $2.00-$1.00(2/7 SS)=$1.00

Sargento Cheese $3.99x2-$1(1/31SS)=$6.98 or $3.49 each
Kellogg's cereal $3.00x2-$1.50 here=$4.50 or $2.25 each
Quaker Chewy Bars $2.00x2-$192/14RP0=$3.00 or $1.50 each
Buy all 6 of these items listed together and get an additional .20 cents of per gallon of gas at Martin's and $3.00 off at Giant

Secret Coupons to Print

So here's the secret you can print coupons from other stores, then the one you are going to use them at, and use them at other stores. Here is an example Save A Lot is a store local to me but I know back home, where I just moved from, that noone has probably ever heard about this store. Well they offer printable coupons from there website that you can print and use anywhere. The trick is that they only say Manufacturer coupon on them and not Save A lot exclusive. Now some coupons on the Save A Lot website say that right on the picture, so you know not to print these. I was able to print some great coupons from here that I can use anywhere. Go here to print what you want but here are a few good ones I suggest:

Star Kist 5 oz. can tuna Buy 2 get one free
Fleishmann's Olive Oil .50 off
Healthy Choice cafe steamers $1.25/2
Healthy Choice complete meals $1.25/2
Snack Pack sugar free or fat free pudding .50/3
Country Crock spread $1.00 off

Carter's Huge Baby Sale

A reader emailed me about Carter's having a huge 50% sale for the Springtime. Who isn't ready for Spring, right? Anyway not only is tons of stuff on sale for 50% off but for every $25 you spend you get a $10 gift card. That's a pretty good ratio. Also here is a printable coupon for 20% off your $50 or more purchase. These deals all together can make for some great deals. Go here to find a Carter's store near you and look at more details of the sale. To bad the closest one for me is 74 miles away, now I miss living so close to the Outlet store.

Thanks Lisa!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weis Weekly Ad 2/14-2/20w

I have posted a good bit of sale matchups with coupons this week for Weis. Of course there are more sales and deals. Go here to look at your store circular.

Snapple 12pks BOGO $13.99-!(1/31SS)=$12.99 or $6.49 each
Progresso Soups $1.00x2-$1(2/7PG)=$1.00 or .50 each
General Mills select cereal $2.50x3=$7.50-$1(2/7GM)=$6.50 or $2.16 each
Bob Evans Roll Sausage $2.50-.35(doubled) here
= $1.80
Sargento Shredded Cheese $2.00x2-$1(1/31 SS)=$3.00or $1.50 each
YoPlus Yogurt $1.50-$1(2/7GM)=.50
Pillsbury Cinn Rolls $1.67-.95(doubled) here= .67
Pillsbury Cookie Dough $2.50x2-$1(2/7GM)=$4 or $2 each
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $1.67x2-$1(1/31SS)=$2.34 or $1.17 each
Dannon Light N Fit 6 pack $2.00-.60(doubled 2/7SS)=$1.00
DanActive 4 pack $2.00-$1(2/7SS)=$1.00
Dannon Activia 4ct $2.00-$1(2/7SS)=$1.00
International Delight Creamer $1.50-.55(doubled)here= .50
Betty Crocker Hamburger and Tuna Helpers $1.00x3-.75(doubled) here= $2.00 or .66 each
Del Monte Canned Veggies $1.00x4-$1 here= $3.00 or .75 each
Kellogg's Raisin Bran $2.50x6-$4.50(3 coupons from here)=$10.50-$5 off order=$5.50 or .91 each
Pillsbury 5 count Cinn. Rolls $1.00-.95(doubled) here= FREE
Bird's Eye Steam fresh veggies $1.00x3-$1(1/10SS)=$2.0 or .66 each
Butterball Kielbasa, sausage or lunch meat BOGO($3.49)-$1(1/10SS)=$2.49 or $1.24 each
Shedd's Country Crock $1.67-.35(doubled 1/31RP)=.97
Ragu Pasta sauce $1.50x2-.75(doubled 1/31RP)= $2.00or $1 each
Shake N Bake $1.67-.75(doubled) here= .67
Crisco Olive Oil $4.99-$1(2/14RP)= $3.99
Keebler Right Bites $2.00-.75(doubled 1/10RP)= $1.00
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $1.00x2-.50(doubled) here= $1.00 or .50 each
Orbit Gum 3 pack $2.00-$1 here= $1.00
Pedigree Dog Food $11.99-$3(2/14 RP)=$8.99
Fancy Feast dry cat food $5.50-$1(2/7RP)=$4.50
Beneful Snackin Strips $3.50-$1(2/7RP)=$2.50
Friskies party cat treats $1.67x2-BOGO(1/24SS)=$1.67 or .84 each
Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys .70x12-$1(2/7RP)=$7.40 or .61 each
Friskies canned cat food .40x15-$1(2/7RP)= 5.00 or .33 each
Soft Soap body wash $3.50-$1(1/31SS)=$2.50
Irish Spring Body Wash $3.50-.50(doubled 1/31 SS)=$2.50
Blistex Chapstick $1.00-.35(doubled 1/17SS)= .30
Suave Styling products $1.99x2-.50(doubled 1/31RP)=$2.98 or $1.49 each
Dove Ultimate deodorant $3.97-$2 here= $1.97
Charmin 8-12 Pack $6.49-.25(doubled 2/7PG)=$5.99
Bounty paper towels 6-8 pack $6.99-.25(doubled 2/7 PG)=$5.99
Scotties tissues $1.00x5-$1.00(2/14RP)=$4.00 or .80 each
Bounty napkins $2.50-.25(doubled 2/7PG)=$2.00
Sunsweet Ones$2.50x2-$1(11/15SS)=$4.00 or $2.00 each

Monday, February 15, 2010

Target Deals 2/14-2/20

Sorry I am a little slow at putting the Target deals up this week. Had a date with my husband yesterday so I didn't want to be working. There are some decent deals at Target this week and here are some to highlight:


Duracell 24pk AA batteries $13.99x2-$2(2/7PG and 1/17PG)- $10 gift card=$15.98 or $7.99 each

Glad Trash bags $6.49-$1 here= $5.49


Prevacid 24 hour $23.99-$2(2/7 SS)= free 160 count antacid tabs($4 value)= $21.99 for $27.99 value

Tylenol Cold 5.49x2-$3(2/7RP)= 2 free Luden's cough drop($1.19 value each)=$7.98 for $13.36 value
Tylenol Cold 5.49-$1(2/7RP)+free Luden's cough drops(1.19 value)= $4.49 for $6.68 value

Vaseline Lotion $5.14-$1 here-$1(1/31RP)= $3.14

Nyquil $4.99-$1.50(2/7PG)=$3.49

Huggies Mega Pack $16.99-$1.50 here= $15.49

Huggies Pure N Natural Mega Pack $16.99-$3 here=$13.99

Irish Spring Body Wash $2.99-.50(1/31SS)=$2.49

Soft Soap Body Wash $2.99-$1(1/31 SS)=$1.99

Listerine Mouthwash $4.50x3-$3(3 from 12/6 RP)-$5gc=$5.50 or $1.83 each

Gillette Fusion Razor $6.99x2-$8(2 $4 from 2/7PG)-$5 gc=$.98 or .49 each

Venus Breeze Razor$6.99x2-$4(2 $2 from 2/7PG)+2 free Olay Body Wash(2/7PG)-$5gc=$4.98 or $1.24 each


Chocolate Cheerios $2.99-.55 here=$2.44

Special K bars $2.50-$1 here=$1.50

Fiber One Cereal $2.99-.75 here= $2.24