Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weis Weekly Ad 2/14-2/20w

I have posted a good bit of sale matchups with coupons this week for Weis. Of course there are more sales and deals. Go here to look at your store circular.

Snapple 12pks BOGO $13.99-!(1/31SS)=$12.99 or $6.49 each
Progresso Soups $1.00x2-$1(2/7PG)=$1.00 or .50 each
General Mills select cereal $2.50x3=$7.50-$1(2/7GM)=$6.50 or $2.16 each
Bob Evans Roll Sausage $2.50-.35(doubled) here
= $1.80
Sargento Shredded Cheese $2.00x2-$1(1/31 SS)=$3.00or $1.50 each
YoPlus Yogurt $1.50-$1(2/7GM)=.50
Pillsbury Cinn Rolls $1.67-.95(doubled) here= .67
Pillsbury Cookie Dough $2.50x2-$1(2/7GM)=$4 or $2 each
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $1.67x2-$1(1/31SS)=$2.34 or $1.17 each
Dannon Light N Fit 6 pack $2.00-.60(doubled 2/7SS)=$1.00
DanActive 4 pack $2.00-$1(2/7SS)=$1.00
Dannon Activia 4ct $2.00-$1(2/7SS)=$1.00
International Delight Creamer $1.50-.55(doubled)here= .50
Betty Crocker Hamburger and Tuna Helpers $1.00x3-.75(doubled) here= $2.00 or .66 each
Del Monte Canned Veggies $1.00x4-$1 here= $3.00 or .75 each
Kellogg's Raisin Bran $2.50x6-$4.50(3 coupons from here)=$10.50-$5 off order=$5.50 or .91 each
Pillsbury 5 count Cinn. Rolls $1.00-.95(doubled) here= FREE
Bird's Eye Steam fresh veggies $1.00x3-$1(1/10SS)=$2.0 or .66 each
Butterball Kielbasa, sausage or lunch meat BOGO($3.49)-$1(1/10SS)=$2.49 or $1.24 each
Shedd's Country Crock $1.67-.35(doubled 1/31RP)=.97
Ragu Pasta sauce $1.50x2-.75(doubled 1/31RP)= $2.00or $1 each
Shake N Bake $1.67-.75(doubled) here= .67
Crisco Olive Oil $4.99-$1(2/14RP)= $3.99
Keebler Right Bites $2.00-.75(doubled 1/10RP)= $1.00
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $1.00x2-.50(doubled) here= $1.00 or .50 each
Orbit Gum 3 pack $2.00-$1 here= $1.00
Pedigree Dog Food $11.99-$3(2/14 RP)=$8.99
Fancy Feast dry cat food $5.50-$1(2/7RP)=$4.50
Beneful Snackin Strips $3.50-$1(2/7RP)=$2.50
Friskies party cat treats $1.67x2-BOGO(1/24SS)=$1.67 or .84 each
Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys .70x12-$1(2/7RP)=$7.40 or .61 each
Friskies canned cat food .40x15-$1(2/7RP)= 5.00 or .33 each
Soft Soap body wash $3.50-$1(1/31SS)=$2.50
Irish Spring Body Wash $3.50-.50(doubled 1/31 SS)=$2.50
Blistex Chapstick $1.00-.35(doubled 1/17SS)= .30
Suave Styling products $1.99x2-.50(doubled 1/31RP)=$2.98 or $1.49 each
Dove Ultimate deodorant $3.97-$2 here= $1.97
Charmin 8-12 Pack $6.49-.25(doubled 2/7PG)=$5.99
Bounty paper towels 6-8 pack $6.99-.25(doubled 2/7 PG)=$5.99
Scotties tissues $1.00x5-$1.00(2/14RP)=$4.00 or .80 each
Bounty napkins $2.50-.25(doubled 2/7PG)=$2.00
Sunsweet Ones$2.50x2-$1(11/15SS)=$4.00 or $2.00 each

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