Friday, July 16, 2010

FRIDAY= Mega Swagbucks Day

Its Friday which means its Mega Swagbucks day. Today you can earn extra Swagbucks. If you haven't signed up yet, what are you waiting for, go here to sign up for FREE. Use Swagbucks to do all your normal Google or Yahoo searches and earn bucks! So far I have earned $50 in Amazon gift cards. I bought myself a wireless router and a Cupcake recipe book! All shipped for free to me. Get signed up and have the extra to spend like me!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FREE Udder Cover for Nursing Moms

Here is a code for a free Udder Cover for nursing moms. If you are not a nursing mom, get one as a gift for someone or donate to a mom in need. Go here to pick out your Udder cover and then at check out enter code CUTE and get it for free. You will still have to pay the $9.95 shipping. Let me know which style you like best. Mine is the Maria. Go here now before this code is used up.

New Coupon

Was printing coupons from Inbox Dollars, so I get my .10 cents per coupon back with each one I redeem, and I find a coupon for $1.00 off Fresh Berries when you buy any Sara Lee Frozen Pound Cake. Use zip code 90212 to find this. And to make this sweet treat even sweeter did any of you notice the Sara Lee coupon in the Parade insert in Sunday's paper. It was for .75 cents off any Sara Lee frozen item. put these 2 together and you have a nice treat! Go here to sign up for free, make $5 for doing that, print your coupon and then earn another .10 cents back when you redeem it!

Inbox Dollars= Easy Money

So I am going to tell you right off that bat that this is NOT one of those get rich quick ideas. Instead it is an easy way to get paid for doing things we already do. I have been slowly using Inbox Dollars for a few months now and already have $8.11 saved up. Now that isn't much but I have not worked at it and just found out another way to use it. Here are a few simple steps to get you started making money:

1. Sign up for free here and get $5 just for signing up!

2. Check your email daily and just click "Confirm reading this email" in each one. I have an email account set up just for things like this so my personal email is not affected and when I have time I can get to them.

3. Print your coupons from right here so that you earn .10 cents back for every coupon I use. This one is really going to help me add up fast.

There are many other ways to earn through this site, but this is just a few to get you started.