About Me

I am a stay at home mom married with 4 kids ages 5,3,2 and 3 months. We also have 2 dogs to complete our family. Our kids our girl, girl, boy and girl. I love being able to stay home with them. In order for me to stay home and not work we have to save money in other areas of our life. I started this blog after all my friends and family wanted to know all my secrets and tricks to saving. Here I am today with all you wonderful readers. I am so excited to show everyone how to save money, where to get freebies, and even offer giveaways to win cool prizes. If you ever have an idea send me an email so I can post all about it!

I often do reviews of products to help my readers learn about new products and companies. If you have an item you would like reviewed please send me an email.

If you have anything you want to send to me or say to to me, yep you guessed it, send me an email.

Now where can yo send me an email at.... JIMANDASH1015@GMAIL.COM

I am looking forward to hearing from you!