Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Great Points Site

So I just realized that I am a member of another points site. This one is super easy to earn points at. It is called Super Points. There is what is called a Super Points Lucky button and you get 20 clicks per day. Click through 20 times to see if you win, and do this everyday. There are other ways to earn points like surveys and such, but this seems to be the easiest. Great rewards as well. Just 500 points for a $5 Amazon gift card. Go here to sign up!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ways to Earn Cool Prizes and Money!

So I have tried many programs to make a few bucks here in there or to trade in points for money. I wanted to highlight these for you to show you how easy it is to earn stuff for doing what you already do.

1. Swagbucks- It is easy to sign up for in that you just enter the info of where they need to send your gifts. I use this site as my Google search. Whenever I was going to search for something on Google instead I use swagbucks and they give me the same results and each time I use it I have a chance of earning swagbucks. These bucks can later be traded in for stuff or gift cards. Go here to sign up and start earning.

2. My Points- this is a site that you can shop through to earn tons of points for all your online shopping needs or print coupons. I like to print my coupons from here becasue they are the same as the coupons on and when I use them in stores I earn more points. I also get emails from them that I scroll to the bottom of and click on "Get my point" Every time you do this you get 5 points for each email. These points can be traded in for great items or gift cards!

3. Reward Port- The best way for me to earn points is by reading them emails and then clicking on them to redeem my points. They to have a large selection of items to trade your points in for.

By Christmas you could have earned from all these sites lots of great gifts that costs you nothing! What a great goal to have.

$5.50 off Huggies Diapers at Target

So Target has put out a new coupon on there site for $3.00 off Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers. You can match this coupon with the $2.50 off coupon available. This should make for some cheap diapers. Anyone know the shelf price of these? Leave it in the comments section.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Famil Dollar Deals 1/17-1/23/10

Family Dollar sent me a sales flyer this week so I decided to do some deals for them. According to there coupon policy they will accept internet coupons.

Mr. Clean Multi Surface cleaner $2.00-$.75( Home Made Simple Booklet)=$1.25
Mr Clean Magic Eraser $2.00-.75(Home Made Simple)= $1.25
Febreeze Air Effects $2.50-.50(HMS)= $2.00
Gillette Deodorant $3.00-1(12/27 PG)= $2.00
Gillette Shave Gel $3.00-$1(12/27 PG)=$2.00
Oral B Indicator Twin Pack $3.00-.75(1/17 PG)=$2.00
Crest Pr Health toothpaste $3-.75(1/17 PG)= $2.25
Bounce Dryer sheets $5-.25(12/27 PG)= $4.75
Downy $5-.50(12/27 PG)=$4.50
Herbal Essence Shampoo/ Cond. $3.00-$1(12/27 PG)= $2.00
Pantene Shampoo or Cond. $3.50x2=$7-$1.00(1/17 PG)=$6.00 or $3 each

CVS Deals 1/17/10-1/23/10

Here are some of the CVS deals for this week. Remember that CVS will accpet a manufacturer coupon and a CVS coupon on the same item.

Pepsi 12 packs 6/$20- $10 ECB= 6 for $10 or 1.66 each
Dawn Hand Soap .96- .50 cents(Home Made Simple book)= .46 cents(not sure if this is for the right Dawn)
Stacy's Chips $3-$1 here= $2.00
Chex Mix $1.50-.50 here or here= $1.00 chocolate only
CVS Stop smoking aid $29.99-$10 here= $19.99
Ritz crackers 2/$5-$2 here=$3.00 or $1.50 each
Special K bars Buy one get one free -$1(1/10 RP= ?
Swiffer Starter Kit $8.99 and use coupon from Home Made Simple for FREE refill pack(get the biggest bc there is no size listed)
Air Wick Freshmatic $4.99-$4 here= .99
Febreeze 4.99-.50(Home Made simple)= $4.49
Cascade $2.99-$1.00(Home Made Simple)= $1.99
Oust $3.99x2= $7.98-3.99(B1G1 1/3 SS)= $3.99-$6.00 ECB= $2.01 money maker
L'Oreal Select Makeup $5-$1 here= $4.00
Jergen's or Curel Lotions -$1.50(1/17SS) and $2 off(12/6 SS0 = $3.50 off plus $5.00 ECB
Dove Deodorant 2/$5- $1.50 here= $3.50 or $1.75 each
Aleve save $4 and $2 here= $6 off
Tums $2 off- $2 off here = $4 off
Blistex -.50x2-$1.00(11/15 SS)= $2.00 off 2
Miralax -$3.50-$1 here= $4.50 off

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dollar General Deals 1/17/10-1/24/10

Dollar General does not always have a circular with specials but this week they did so I am able to give you some deals. Now after speaking with corporate about there coupon police they state that they will NOT accept online printed coupons, however they will match a DG coupon with a manufacturer coupon. Now I have not been able to find a DG coupon but I did sign up for there Savings Zone here to have them email when they have coupons. So here a few good deals this week:

Johnson Baby products $3.00-$1.00(1/3RP)= $2.00

Listerine $3.50-.50(12/6 RP)= $3.00

Campbell's Condensed Soups $1.00x 4=$4.00-.40(1/3 SS)= $3.60 or .90 cents each

Kellogg Raisin Bran and Rice Krispies $2.50x2=$5.00- $1.00(1/10RP)= $4.00 or $2 each

Kellogg Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes $2.50x3=$7.50-$1.00(1/10RP)=$6.50 or $2.16 each

Special K bars $2.50x2=$5.00-$1.00(1/10 RP)=$4.00 or $2 each

Purex Laundry Det. $4.00-.35(1/10 RP)= $3.65

V8 Splash $2.00x2=$4.00-1(1/3 RP)= $3.00 or $1.50 each

V8 Juice $2.00x2=$4.00-.50(1/3 SS)=$3.50 or $1.75 each

Oust Spray $3.00x2=$6.00- B1G1F(1/3 SS)= $3.00or $1.50 each

Target Deals 1/17/10-1/23/10

Here are just a few of the many Target deals this week. Leave a comment about what deals you were able to score.

30 pack Quaker Instant Oatmeal $6.99-$1.00 here= $5.99 or just 20 cents a pack

Huggies 150 pack size 4 diapers $33.99-$1.00 here= $32.99 or just 21 cents per diaper
Clean and Clear Absorbing Set 3 pack $9.99-$2.00 here= $7.99 or $2.66 each

Graco High back booster seat $44.99- $20 gift card= $24.99

Billy's Boot camp or Iron gym $29.99-$10 gift card= $19.99

L'Oreal True Match Foundation $12.79-$2 here= $10.79

Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer $13.49-$2 here= $11.49

Glad Storage Containers 3/$7-$1.50(11/8 RP)= $5.50 or just $1.83 each

Scott Extra Soft 8 pack $7.99-$1 here= $6.99 or just .87 cents per roll

Pepsi 2 liters $1.25x2=$2.50-.50 here= $2.00 or just $1 each

Swiffer Wet Jet Starter Set $18.99x2= $37.98- $5 gift card then use 2 coupons from the Home Made Simple booklet for free refill packs, they do not list a size so get the biggest one for around $11.99x2= $23.98 but they are free. So total comes to $32.98 for 2 new starter mops and 2 big boxes of refills so just $8.25 per item!

Febreeze Air Effects $2.50-.50(Home Made Simpel Booklet)= $2.00

New Coupon- Coke, Edy's. General Mills and More

Found some great new coupons that I am excited about!

Coke Save $2 off
4 12packs, 12oz 8 packs, or 24 oz 6 packs- Once you go to this use your print button and put in how many copies you want!!

Edy's Ice Cream save $1
- Once you go to this use your print button and put in how many copies you want!! Same page as Coke.

Duck brand Tape save $1- print as many as you want!

Soft Soap Hand soap
save 40 cents

A link to get the All You magazine coupons online
General Mills select cereal save $1 off one box