Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ways to Earn Cool Prizes and Money!

So I have tried many programs to make a few bucks here in there or to trade in points for money. I wanted to highlight these for you to show you how easy it is to earn stuff for doing what you already do.

1. Swagbucks- It is easy to sign up for in that you just enter the info of where they need to send your gifts. I use this site as my Google search. Whenever I was going to search for something on Google instead I use swagbucks and they give me the same results and each time I use it I have a chance of earning swagbucks. These bucks can later be traded in for stuff or gift cards. Go here to sign up and start earning.

2. My Points- this is a site that you can shop through to earn tons of points for all your online shopping needs or print coupons. I like to print my coupons from here becasue they are the same as the coupons on and when I use them in stores I earn more points. I also get emails from them that I scroll to the bottom of and click on "Get my point" Every time you do this you get 5 points for each email. These points can be traded in for great items or gift cards!

3. Reward Port- The best way for me to earn points is by reading them emails and then clicking on them to redeem my points. They to have a large selection of items to trade your points in for.

By Christmas you could have earned from all these sites lots of great gifts that costs you nothing! What a great goal to have.

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