Saturday, November 14, 2009

Super Saturday Shopping Trip to Target

I have to tell you all about my awesome deals at Target today. I got so much stuff and only spent $45.54!!! So here is everything I got with how I did it. Hurry if you want to get these deals today. Although I think that the LeapFrog Alphabet Pal toy is no longer available since it was a price match from Toys R Us and there sale was only til 1 pm. I did have to go to the service desk for the price match items, that's why there is 2 receipts, but no problems, just remember to take the ads with you!

Huggies Diapers $8.99-$2.00 here= $7.99

Up and Up brand Baby Wipes $1.57-$1.00 here = .57*2

Up and Up brand Toddler Flushable Wipes $1.89- $1.00 here= .89*2

Lysol Freshmatic on sale for $5.99(down from $13.99) -$4.00 here = $1.99

Glade Warmer and Refills .97 + 2.50= $3.47( he took off $2.50 for my coupon from 11/1 paper)= .97 cents

Glade Oil Candle Refills bought 3 at $2.50 and got one free(coupon form 11/1 paper). =$5.00 for 3 or $1.66 each

Energizer batteries $6.49-$1.00 here and -$1.00 here= $4.49

Archer Farms Cookies 2.5 oz(found these at the snack bar) .98-$1.00 .02 money maker *4 (and it didn't beep when he did the coupon)

Del Monte canned Corn on sale for 66 cents each*4= $2.64

3 lbs of Gala Apples in the bus $3.37-$1.00 here= $2.37 for 3 lbs or .79 cents a pound

Eggs $1.02- sorry no coupons

Reveal 75W Light Bulbs $2.19*2= $4.38-$2.00(Target coupon from old newspaper)-$1.25(11/1 paper)= $1.13 for 2 boxes of light bulbs or .57 cents each

Dove 3 pk Deodorant $4.99-$1.00(11/1 paper)= $3.99 for 3 or 1.33 each

Gillette Shave Gel for Men $1.89- $1.00(11/1 paper)= .89 cents

13W GE Light Bulb $4.99- $2.00(old Target Coupon)-$1.00(11/1 paper)= 1.99

Clue Secrets and Spies Game was $23.99 price match from Kmart ad hereto $14.99-$5.00 Target Coupon here -$5.00 Hasbro coupon here = $4.99

LeapFrog Alphabet Pal toy was $19.99 price match with Toys R Us door buster sale at $10.49- $10.00 coupon here= .49 cents

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