Sunday, November 22, 2009

TOns of Coupons in the Mail

For all those who do not like to print coupons out because of installing programs and paying for ink here is an easy way to add a ton of coupons to your organizer. You can email manufactures to tell them how much you enjoy there products. What I do is set a goal to eamil 5 companies a day. Then I keep a notebook to keep track of all those I have contacted. I checked my mail today, from Saturday, and here is what I had:
4 $1 off Deitz N Watson Deli Meats
5 .50 cents Tyson meats
2 $10.00(yes $10) off Pampers diapers
1 .50 cents off Pampers wipes
a whole page of assorted coupons from contacting Ragu
my Home Made Simple $35 coupon booklet

You can do this too!! I love checking my mail every day.

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