Thursday, August 5, 2010

Target deals You can't Miss

This week there are some Target deals you just can't afford to miss out on! I know Target always has good sales, but these are amazing!

Play Doh Ice Cream Shop is on sale for $8.00- $5 off from here( go here and enter code KDN185UV9JN34, if you lose click on print coupon and I was able to print 7 times by just pressing back button) then you get a FREE 4 pack of Play Doh= $3 for set and 4 pack!

Mr. bubble Bubble bath $1.77-$1 here= .77

Tide Travel size(1 load) $1.12-$1(8/1PG)=.12

Hanes Girls socks 6+1 pack $3.79-$1.00 here- .50 peelie(found on pack)=$2.29

Dora the Explorer Pirates DVD $5.00-$3 here= $2.00

Stride single pack gum $1.29x2- BOGO here- BOGO(5/16 SS)= 2 FREE packs of Gum

Juicy Juice 8 pack juice boxes $2.29x2-$1 here- and 2$1 here= $1.58 or .79 each!

Oscar Meyer Lunchables $1.25-.50 here=$.75

Chef Boyardee Microwaveable .87- $1.00 here(might be adjusted down)= FREE

Kid Cuisine frozen meal $1.75-$1.00 here=.75

Simply Limeade or some Lemonade $1.99-$1.00 here= .99

Digornio Single Serve Pizza $2.00-$2.00 here(LIKE on Facebook)= FREE

Clean N Clear Travel Morning Burst $1.12-$1 here= .12

Degree Women's Deodorant(travel size) $1.12-$1 here= .12

Dora Colgate Kids Toothpaste $1.99-.75 here-.50(7/25 SS)= .74 cents

Johnson and Johnson Travel First Aid Kit .97x2-$3.00 here= $1.06 moneymaker

Papermate 10 count stick pens .50-.50 here= FREE

10 count BIC stick pens $.99x2- $1.00 here- $1.00(8/1 SS)= .02 moneymaker

Hunt's 4 pack Pudding .95x6- .30(use 3 from 8/1SS)- $2(use 2 $1 here)=$1.90 or .31 each

Rose Art 12 count Colored pencils .50 and get a FREE pack of 24 crayons.

Also be on the look out for huge 75% off toys clearance.

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