Friday, December 17, 2010

Mega Swagbucks Day!

It's Friday which means it's Mega Swagbucks Day. I have already earned 12 SB's today before 8am. I have also in the past year earned now 20 $5 gift cards for That was $100 for Christmas shopping, and some for myself. Here are a few easy ways to arn Swagbucks:
~Use as a search engine. Every time I am going to a site I go to SB and type it there and then use the link(works just like google or yahoo searches)
~Print coupons from the tab along the left hand side(takes 6-8 weeks to credit but you get 10 SB's per coupon)
~Refer your friends to earn SB's from them.
~Look for special codes in the toolbar that you can download.

I use SB everyday about 50 times a day and it doesn't take long to get all my points. There are lots of different things to trade your points in for, but Amazon is my favorite. Go here to sign up or click on the word Swagbucks any where in this post.

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