Monday, February 21, 2011

Rite Aid Deals

Today I ventured out with my 4 kiddos to go to Rite Aid because I had $45 in Up Rewards burning a hole in my pocket. That being said I did have $45 in UP rewards to start my day off but I still split my order and came home with a ton of Ups for next time.

4-24 packs of Nestle Water $3.50x4- 2 $1 off here= $12- 2 $2 ups= $8.00 or $2 each

Oberto Beef Jerky $2.50x2-2$1 peelie coupons on bag- $0.50 RA Video here=$$2.50-2 $1 Ups= .50 for both

Oreos $3.00x2=$6.00-$1 here(It says Spring Oreos but they took it off since they didn't have any Spring ones)- $1.00 RA Video here=$4.00- $2 -$1 up-2x$1 UP= $1.00 for both

Huggies Pull Ups $8.99-$2 here=$6.99-$2 UP=$4.99

Right Guard Body Wash $3.99- $3 up= .99 (limit 2)

Desetin and Johnson's baby products $2.99 each- $1 coupons from here(click on all the different bottles)or from here= 12 bottles FREE

UPS I cam home with were $41 from spending my $45 in previous UPs and $14.02 OOP.

Finish Quantum Dishwasher $3.99-$3 here- $1 RA Video here= FREE

Oh yeah and the half eaten Peeps were BOGO and a great bribe for y kids to be good!


  1. what is an UP reward and how do I get them?

  2. An UP Reward is an amount back that you get for buying certain advertised items. For example the Johnson's items were on sale $2.99 and get a $2 up to make it 99 cents. The UP reward prints at the bottom of your receipt to use as cash on your next order. I always split all my items with Ups for the 1st order and then all the other items I need for the second order and pay with just the ups.