Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Amazing Martin's Trip

Ok so I am eating my own words that shopping without kids is when you get the best deals because you have more time to pay attention to sales. I went to Martin's today with 3 of my kids to get a few things. I have to say I am over come with joy of how the customer service was this time. I am sending a note to corporate to let them know about there outstanding manager. Unfortunately for you guys most of the deals I got cannot be redone but I still wanted to share.

The the first thing I am super excited about is the Tangled Blu/Ray DVD Combo pack rang up $25.99, but in there ad(on page 7 it says Dvd ot Blu Ray and get $5 off instantly an Mattel toy). So they rang up my Blu Ray Combo and it came up $25.99 and I got the toy truck that was $5.99 and that took $5.00 off. So the manager said because they charged me wrong I get it for FREE! Can you believe he gave me the $25.99 Tangled movie for FREE!?! On top of that without thinking I had already given the cashier my $5.00 off coupon for the movie from here. So all in all I got the movie free and the truck for .99 and then another $5.00 off. Talk about great customer service to give it to me FREE. The manager said that according to there policy if they ring up an item wrong then they have to give it to you free. I cannot find this anywhere but you can check with your store. I just thought that was if I had to come back with my slip with a wrong price. Not on the spot.

Ok so next onto my other deal for cereal. I had a rain check for 3/$5 Gm cereals from a few weeks back.
3 cereals @ $1.67=$5
1 Golden Grahams for $2.85
Used 3 .55 coupons and 1 .75 coupons. All were doubled so they took $4.80 off. Comes to $3.05. Then if you buy 4 GM cereals they took $6 off(the computer automatically did this although I was using another week's deal) so they paid me $2.95 and then gave me a coupon for a FREE gallon of milk for next time! So 4 boxes of cereal and a gallon of milk(next trip)= $2.95 money maker + milk price!

Also found big rolls of Scotch shipping tape on clearance for .63 a roll(down from $2.52). I only had 1 $1.00 off coupon so 1 and a half were free and I bought all 6 bc I am moving soon and what a great price!~ Take as many of these coupons with you to get yours all for free.

I did get lots of other deals with coupons and sales. And then to top it all off I got .10 cents off per gallon of gas. Our price was $3.49 so I paid $3.39. The Durango was almost out so I cashed in big time on that one with almost 20 gallons making that another savings. Plus the place I normally stop was $3.59 today.


  1. wow, I can't believe you got the movie free! I am just confused b/c you said it was 25.99 and rang up 25.99? Is that wrong? I just got a similar cereal deal with GM (again) Ours was buy 4 get $6 off & free milk. I had my coupons so I paid about .50 a box. This is an awesome deal that they seem to be having frequently. No complaints here! I can't wait to go shopping with you, I will buy everything you do except the diapers! BTW, I think it is Weis's policy if it rings wrong you get it for free! Thanks for posting the Walmart policy too, I will def. print that out and shove it in someones face lol.

  2. According to the ad it states Dvd or Blu Ray $16.99