Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Weis Trip

Yesterday I went over to Weis and here are some of the deals I was able to score. All of my coupons under $1.00 were doubled for actual double, meaning .75 coupon was .75 and .75(not .75 and .25).

Pepsi Max 2 liter $1.00-.55( 3/6SS)=FREE
Mission Chips $2.50-$250(FREE coupon from previous Facebook offer)= FREE
White Castle burgers $3.49-.50( 1/16SS)= $2.49
Mt. Olive Pickles $2.19-.50(1/30SS)= $1.19
Cuties 3 lbs Clementines #3.99-.55 hereor 2/27 SS= $2.89
AI Steak Sauce $2.55-$1.00 here=$1.55
Grands Cinnamon Rolls $1.00-.30(recent newspaper)= .40
ProClinical Toothpaste on clearance $1.89-$.75(2/27 SS)=.39!! Regularly like $4
Cascade Dish Detergent on clearance $2.24-$1(P&G Coupon booklet)=$1.24!
Kraft Mac & Cheese 5 pack $3.99-$1.00 here=$2.99
Luden's Cough Drops $1.00-.55(3/6SS)= .10 money maker!
Kool Aid 6/$1.00-$1.00 here= FREE
Smooth Away leg shaving thing was $9.99 down to .50 cents. Now I know why, it doesn't work.
Chi Chi tortillas $1.00x2=$2.00-$1.00(recent newspaper)= $1.00 for both


  1. are those the small tortillas? Great deal, I pay almost $3 for mine. Sorry about the shave cream lol.

  2. Good deals, but then again you always find the good deals. thanks for sharing.