Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I got PAID to Shop!

Hopefully by now you are aware of the Walmart Coupon Policy which states "If coupon value exceeds the price of the item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied toward the basket purchase."

With that being said you can actually get paid to shop. I went in yesterday and found the Similac Ready to Feed Sensitive style on Rollback for $3.84. I got 16 bottles(no I didn't clear the shelf and yes I do use it, not just stock piling). As you can see my baby girl is very excited to have gotten FREE formula!

I also want to explain to you that I did buy my coupons off Ebay in order to have enough coupons for formula. If you watched Extreme Couponing on TLC you will notice that the people that bought there coupons, which most did, did not add into there total spent what they spent on coupons. YOU HAVE TO DO THIS! Money spent on coupons is money out of pocket(OOP).

For 20 Similac coupons on Ebay that are for $5 off any Similac product(also from the 4/3 SS) I spent $12.51 on ebay. That comes out to .63 cents per coupon.

16 bottles Similac @ $3.84= $61.44-16 $5 off= $18.56 money maker- 16 x .63(what I spent per Q)= $8.48 overage!

I also bought 3 bags of candy for Easter @ $1.97 each

1 bag candy for $1.97-.55 here(Nestle Butterfinger Eggs)= $1.42

Head & Shoulders travel shampoo .97-$2.00 PG Mailer= $1.03 overage

Degree men's travel deodorant .97-$1.00(4/3SS)= .03 overage

All in all I walked out of the store with more money then I went in with and got lots of goodies. Ebay sells all kinds of coupons and you can do a search for a particulate item like Similac( just don't bid against me, haha!)

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