Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3 Kids, 3 Stores, You Do the Math

Yes I took 3 of my kids to 3 stores today. Our shopping is about 25 minutes away so I try to do everything in one day so that I can save on gas from having to go another day. And it was so worth going to all 3 stores! I had a great day! I went to Walmart, Rite Aid and CVS today. I will try to break down each trip as best as I can.

White Cloud 4 pack toilet paper $2.00-$1(All You Mag)= $1.00 or .25 a roll
Milk $2.75
Lysol Wipes $2.00-$1.50(previously available on FB)=.50x2
Similac Sensitive Ready to Feed $3.84-$5(4/3 SS)= $1.16 overage
Nivea Body Wash $3.00-$3(4/17 RP)= FREEx3
KY Jelly $2.62-$3.00 here= $.38 money maker x2
Stride Gum .50(clearance)x2=$1.00- $1(4/3 SS)= 2 packs FREE
Glade Candle $2.50-$2.50( Right at Home winner coupon in mail)= FREE
Degree for Women Travel size .97-$1(4/17 RP)= .03 money maker x3
Swim Shorts $10.00
Bubble Tape .97(because my son opened it in line)
Bounty 8 pack Price Matched(PM) Weis for $5.99-$1(PG Mailer) = $4.99 or .62 a roll!This also came with $30 worth of coupons inside
Mt. Dew .88(PM CVS) x2=$1.76-$1(peelie found on bottle)= .76/2 or .38 each! Got 4 bottles at that price
Pepsi .88(PM CVS)
Hormel Entrees $3.99(PM Weis)-$2(bought these on EBay for .12 each) $2.11 x 10
Ai Steak Sauce $2.99(PM Martin's or Giant)- $1 (4/10 SS)= $1.99x2

Total before Price Matches was $116.20 after all Q's and PM's total was $44.97!

Rite Aid:
Pupperoni $2.99- $1(3.13 RP)- $1 UP= .99x2
Gillette Fusion Pro Glide $9.99- $5(PG Mailer)-$5 UP= FREE
Gillette Fusion Pro Glide $9.99-$4(5/1 PG)-$5 up= .99
Dove Men Care Deodorant $3.99-1(came with sample in mail)- $3 UP= FREE
Revlon Emery Boards .75(40% off)x2= $1.50-$4 up= $2.50 Money Maker(I did this 2 times bc that's all they had but the limit is 4)
Crest toothpaste $2.99-$1(PG Mailers)- $2 UP= FREE
Oral B toothbrush $2.99-$1(PG Mailer)-$2 UP= FREE
Brother Label Makers was $29.99-75% off= $7.49
Gerber bottles were $2.59-75% off= .64 each x4
Littlest Pet Shop box was $5.99-50% off= $2.99(great stocking stuffer)
Mr Clean 2 pack Magic Eraser $2.50-$1.50(5/1 PG)= $1.00
Sour Patch Watermelon $1.50(at least they are Fat FREE!)
FM Transmitter was $14.99-50%= $7.49(great price for one of these)
Card $4.49(can't show it in pic since the person it's for reads this)
John Freida Foam Hair Color $10.79(I have a 10% discount)- $5(5/1 SS)-$5(RA Video)= .79
Cover Girl Eyeshadow $2.03(40% off $3.39)x2= $4.06- $2.50(5/1 PG)= $1.56 or .78 each each
Cover girl Eyeshadow $2.03(40% off $3.39)- $1(5/1 PG or PG Mailer)= $1.03 x2

Easter Candy was $5.49+- 75% off= $1.37
Play Doh Eggs were $3.00-75% off= $.75
Colgate Toothpaste $2.77-$1.00(All You mag)- $2.77 ECB= $1.00 money maker
Colgate toothpaste $2.77-.75(5/1 SS)- $2.77 ECB= .75 moneyu maker

Thanks Hip2Save and I Heart the Mart for help with my deals!

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