Thursday, June 2, 2011

Run to CVS!

Ok so it is late so check the time before you actually run to CVS tonight, but first thing in the morning run! I did some major clearance clean up in the makeup department today and I hope you can find some deals too. I didn't have the intention of going out today but realized that I had a ECB of almost $6 that were expiring today. I did split my orders in 2 so I could use all my ECBS for each order.

Transaction #1:
Single Serve M&M's .50 x2= $1.00- $1.00 ECB= FREE x2

Honest Teas $1.00x4 =$4- 2 BOGO's (no longer available)- 2$1 off from Recyclebank(for the not FREE one)= 4 FREE
Fuze Drinks $1.00x2-BOGO(peelie found on door in store)= $1.00-$2 ECB(when you buy 5 drinks)= $1.00 money maker from Tea and Fuze!

Hershey Pieces or Drops $2.50x4=$10.00-$1(CVS Mailer)-$1(CVS Mailer)-$2(5/1 SS)= $6.00-$3.00 ECB(when you spend $10 on candy)= $3.00 for 4 bags
OOP $8.00- $5.54 ECB(from another trip)= $2.46 got back $6 ECB

Transaction #2:
Hershey Bliss candy $3.00-$1(CVS Mailer)- $1.00(5/1 SS)= $1.00

Rimmel Mascara was $8.49 with 75% off stickers= $2.12- $1(4/17 RP)= $1.12!!

Rimmel Eyeshadow was $4.49 with 75% off stickers= 1.12- $1.00(pad of tear off Q's) or 4/17 RP= .12 cents!

Dove Men + Care had a rain check for .99- $1= FREE( happy to have free to add to my donations for the VA Hospital!)

Schick Hydro 3 Razors $9.39x2- BOGO= $9.39- 2$3 off here=$3.39/2 or 1.69 each. Great price for these!

Blue Diamond Almonds $4.49x2- BOGO= $4.49-2 .50 here= $3.49 for 2 or 1.74 each

Physicians Formula Makeup Buy One Get 1 50% off
1@6.09 - 2 $5 here= 8.28 or $4.14 each
1@5.49 - 2 $5 here= 7.68 or 3.84 each
On the $5.49 mascara there is a Try Me Free sticker to submit for a full refund so will end up spending $10.47 for all 4 items or just $2.61 each!

Duracell 8 pack $8.99-$1(PG Mailer)= $7.99
CVS 10 pack batteries= FREE with you buy the Duracell

OOP 34.01 after ECB and will get the rebate back making it just $28.52. A Savings of $152.42!!

On a side note I wanted to get the Prepration H Wipes on sale 3.99- $3.99 ECB= FREE(Limit 1) with $2 off Coupons from here or here making is a $2.00 money maker but they were sold out.

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