Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Target Deals and Target Coupons

There are tons of new coupons from the Target website and I was able to score some major deals with them. Of course there are lots of other coupons and sales but some of the best!

Digital Photo prints 10 for $1 and use the Q for $2 off 20 to get them all FREE

Kids denim jeans on clearance $3.74-$2 Q= $1.74 for jeans

Women's jeans on clearance $5.98-$3 Q= $2.98!

Stride 3 pack gum on clearance $1.27- $1 Q= .27 for 3 packs!

Zantac $7.59-$5 here or here and $2 Target Q= .59

Market Pantry Bread $1 and 12 eggs $1.29- $1 Q(when you buy both)= $1.29 for both

Benadry Itch Stick $2.29-$2(6/19 RP)= .29

Up & Up Nail Polish Remover .97-.50 Q= .47

Up & Up Peroxide .62-.75(First Aid Q)= FREE

Room Essential STD Pillow $2.50-$2 Q= .50

Papermate 10 pack pens $1.02-$1 Q= .02

Shaprie 2 pack markers $1- $1 Q= FREE

Scotch Magic Tape $1.00-$1 here= FREE

Room Essential Shower Curtain Liner $2.34-$1 Q= $1.34

King Sheet Set Target brand on clearance $7.84-$5Q(on Target brand sheet set)= $2.84

Keep in mind that clearance does vary by store and several items on my list were sold out yesterday like the Sharpies and tape.

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