Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Buying Lots of Inserts

I recently discovered a company that sells coupon inserts in huge lots. American Consumer Services is a company that you can set up automatic delivery or place an order when need be. They do not have a website so you can either call them or email them at the info below.

I placed my order on an off day for them for shipping and they were willing to work with me and got me my inserts in like 3 days! I was thrilled to have so many awesome coupons. The normal package comes with 30-40 inserts per set. It depends on the number that went out in recent papers. My lot had 51 inserts!! They were all current and huge inserts.

The lot is $33 and that includes shipping. I think that is very reasonable considering how many inserts you receive. Also it allows you to really stock up on coupons. I suggest calling or emailing today to get your first set right away. Let them know you were sent from The Wright Way to Save or give them my name, Ashley wright. He will be happy that I sent him some business. I let them know when I bought my set that I would be talking about the, if I liked what I got. Hope you have as awesome experience as I did and I cannot wait to get my next set!

EMAIL INFO: americanconsumer@comcast.ne
PHONE INFO: 1-866-790-5088

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