Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Tentative Walmart List

I call this my "tentative" Walmart list because I am going tomorrow to actual make sure my list works out. But based on my coupons and the lists on other sites I wanted to tell you what I should be getting. All in all I should be getting a total of 123 items and they will owe me .21 cents. I am sure I will get other items.

Before I do list my order there is a Febreeze Fall Gift pack for $9.97 and there is a rebate inside for a subscription to a magazine($12 value). When you submit the rebate here you can select "No Thanks" to the magazine and they will mail you a $12 rebate check making this a $2.03 money maker! I may pick up one of these gift packs.

Also keep in mind that I have access to several computers and the print limit on Internet coupons is 2 per computer.

Old Spice Travel Body Wash .97-$1(10/2 PG)=.03mmx4=.12mm
Cover Girl Eye Shadow $3.24x2=$6.48-$8/2(10/2PG)=$1.52mmx4=$6.08mm
Reach Toothbrush .97-$2(previously online)=$1.03mm
Tide Travel Size .97x3=$$2.91-$2(10/2PG)=.91/3x 12packs=$3.24
Clearasil Travel Size .97-$1(9/25SS)=.03mm
Rayovac batteries .97-$1 here=.03mm x 6= .18mm
Rayovac Flashlight(camping area) $1.00-$1 here= FREEx5
Schick Slim Twin 12 pk Disp Razors $1.97x2=$3.94-$4(9/25SS)=.06mm x 22(44packs)=$1.32 mm(I bought these coupons on Ebay to send the razors to the VA Hospital)
Schick Slim Twin 12 Pack Disp Razors $1.97-$2(9/25SS)=.03mm x2=.06 mm
Pepsi max 2 liters .99x2=$1.98-$1(10/2Pepsi)=.98/2 bottles(Price Match CVS, limit 5)x4 bottles=$1.96
Aunt Jemima Waffles 2/$3(price match Giant)
Green's 1/2 gal Ice Cream $2.50-$1(from a Sunday insert just not sure where)=$1.50(Price match Croppers)
Cold Stone Creamery Hot Cocoa Mix .97-$1(bought on Ebay)=.03mmx 20 boxes=.60mm
Dawn Dish Soap .50(might be regional price cut)-$1(from a pack of Bounty paper towels)=.50mm
Dawn Dish Soap .50-.25(Home Made Simple Booklet)=.25x2=.50
Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Cleaner $3.97-$4(9/11SS)=.03mm x5=.15mm
Listerine Total Care Zero Travel size $1.72-$2 here=.28mm x4=$1.12mm
Gerber Graduates Lil Entrees $1.78-$1 here= .78

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