Monday, November 21, 2011

AWESOME Walmart Trip

Had to do some shopping at Walmart today and it went great! Wanted to tell you about the deals that you can score too!

Crest Complete Travel Toothpaste .97-$2(9/11SS)= 1.03mmx4=$4.12 mm
Crest Kids Toothpste 1.00-1.00(10/30 PG)= FREE
Herbal Essence Travel Size .97-1(Ebony Magazine)=.03 mm
J&J First Aid Kit .97-$1(11/6 SS)=.03 mmx3=.06 mm
Birds Eye Steam Fresh Veggies was 1.88 now $1.00(Price match Target)x2=$2.00-$1(11/13 SS)=$1.00/2- got 4 bags total
Cool Whip Seasons  was $1.50 now .99(Price match Genardi's)-.75(previously available here)=.24 bought 3!
Cream of Mushroom Soup  was .60 now .59(Price Match Target)x4=$2.36-$1/4(coupon book found on the stack of cans)= $1.36 for 4 cans- Bought 13 cans(only wanted 12!)
Pepsi 2 liter was $1.25 now $.88(Price match Genardi's)= .88x2
Philly Cream Cheese was $1.48 now $1.28(Price Match Bottom Dollar)x3=$3.84-$1.25(was here)=2.59/3
Kraft Shredded Cheese was $2.50 now $1.48(Price Match Bottom Dollar)-$1.50(was here)=.02 mmx2=.04 mm for cheese!!
Pepsi and Mt. Dew 12 packs $3.98x4=$15.92 Buy 2 Get 2 FREE(Price match Genardi's)=7.96 total for 4 cases

Total today was $20.82!

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