Tuesday, December 8, 2009

25% off At InkGrabber

For all those that are always printing out all the coupons and ask if it is worth it with the price of ink, the answer is yes and now I have a code to save you even more money on ink. Think about how many coupons you can print out with one thing of ink. Now with this 25% off code you save so much more money than the ink costs. I spend about $18 every other month on black ink and $20 on color. So that's $38 every other month. I print a lot more then 38 coupons every other month and most are already $1 or more or they double to $1, so yes it is worth it for me. So now go over to Inkgrabber and order your ink so you can keep printing and use code BLOWOUT to get 25% off.

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