Saturday, December 12, 2009

Acme Deals Week of 12/13/09

Here are some great sales with coupons you can score this week at Acme. The codes for where I got my coupons are SS= Smart Source, RP= Red Plum, and ES= Everyday Solutions. All of these come in the Sunday paper. When I say doubled I mean that I have already doubled it for you in the scenario and the store will do the same for you since Acme doubles up to .99 cents.

Dannon Yogurt .50x10= $5.00-1(12/6 SS)= $4.00 or .40 each
Progresso Soups $1.00x 4= $4.00-1(11/8 SS)= $3.00 or .75 each
Birds Eye Steamfresh meals $6.99-$1.50(12/6 SS)= $5.49
Swiss Half Gallons $1.67x2=$3.34-1(here doubled)=$2.34 or $1.17 each
Valio Lactose Free Milk $3.99-1(12/6 SS)=$2.99
Lehigh Valley Half and Half $3.49-1(12/6 SS doubled)=$2.49
Crisco Veggie Oil $2.99-1(11/8 RP)=$1.99
Quaker Premium Granola Bars $2.50x2=$5.00-1(12/6 RP)= $4.00 or $2 each
Swanson Broth Cans .79x6=$4.74-1(11/8 SS)= $3.74 or .62 each
Kellogg's Rice Krispies 18 oz $2.99-1(11/8 RP)=$1.99
Kellogg's Fruit Loops, Pops, Apple Jacks, or Frosted Flakes $2.99x2=$5.98-1(11/8RP)=$4.98 or $2.49 each
Colgate Tooth brush $3.00-1(11/8 SS doubled)=$2.00
Hall's Cough Drops $1.69-1(11/8 SS Doubled)= .69
Centrum Ultra Vitamins 9.99-1(11/15 RP)= $8.99
Triaminic $4.99-2(12/6 SS)= $2.99
Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color $6.99-2(12/6RP)=$4.99
Johnson and Johnson Baby Care Item $3.00-1(11/8 RP)=$2.00
Hefty Plates $2.00x2=$4.00-1(11/15 RP)= $3.00
All 2x Laundry Detergent $7.99-2(12/6 RP)= $5.99
Finish Dishwasher Det or Rinse Aid $3.49-.80(11/15 SS Doubled)= $2.69
Glass Plus cleaner $1.49-.70(11/15 SS doubled)= $.79
Resolve Carpet cleaner $3.99-1(12/6 SS doubled)= $2.99
Betty Crocker Frosting $1.25-1(11/15 ES doubled)=.25 cents
Progresso Rich and Hearty or High Fiber Soup $1.49-.50(11/15 ES or 12/6 SS doubled)=.99
Pillsbury Ref. Cookie dough $2.50x2=$5.00-$1(12/6 SS)= $4.00 or $2.00 each
Betty Crocker Cookie Mix $1.67-.80(11/15 ES doubled)= $.87 cents
Betty Crocker Potatoes $1.67-.70(11/15 ES doubles)= $.97 cents
General Mills Cheerios, Cinn Toast Crunch, Trix, Kix, or cocoa puffs $2.50x2=$5.00-1(11/8 SS)=$4.00 or $2.00 each
Hillshire Farms Cocktail Links $3.00x2=$6.00-1(11/15 RP)=$5.00 or $2.50 each
Hershey Bliss candy $3.49-1(12/6 SS)=$2.49
Hershey Pot of Gold Boxed Candy $4.99-1(12/6 SS)=$3.99

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