Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Year's Resolution

So I wanted to share with every one my New Year's resolution so everyone can keep me accountable. For the new year I am going to keep track of every dollar I spend and the biggest thing I will keep track of is how much I save. My goal is to save over $10,000 this year on everything. From all my coupons, to freebies value, to rebates, every thing. I know that sounds absurd but with my grocery bills alone to feed my family of 5 I normally save over half my bill. So that being said if I plan on saving $10,000 and saving more than half that means I need to spend less then $10,000 spent next year. Yes that sounds like a lot, but add up everything in your budget from groceries, to birthday presents, to parties, new appliances, any furniture, etc. So every month I will keep you posted on exaclty how much I spent and even better how much I saved. This is going to be MY year of saving big money!

On a side note I want to let everyone know that I am moving to a new area in PA. I am unfamiliar with the stores and sales. So January may be a rough month as I learn all the new places. Please keep reading as we can all save big money next year!

I wish I had gotten my new dishwasher in the new year since it was originally $700 and I got it for just $47! Couldn't believe that deal and got it through Sears Outlet. Check online to see what the stores near you have!

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