Sunday, December 20, 2009

Target Deals 12/20-26

So there are just a few notable Target deals this week. Sorry not many, will explain later.

Game of Things game and Guestures both on sale for $20 each- $5 Hasbro coupons =$15 each

Bagged Hershey candies $2.49x4= $9.96- 4-.50 Target coupons(will need 2 comps to do this)-$2.49(12/6 SS Buy 3 get 1 free coup.)= $5.47 or $1.37 each

Philly Cream cheese $1.19x3-$1.00(11/15 RP)= $2.57 or .85 each

Green Giant Boxed frozen veggies $1.00x3-.60(11/15 ES)= $2.40 or .80 each

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