Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finding Cheap Fruit

I know that finding produce and sticking to a budget are hard to do. I have been able to find some inexpensive places to buy fruit in the local area where I live. Researching such places may make you be able to save a fortune. I have found the Fruit Bowl in the Cumberland, MD are and I know of the Produce Junction in Chester County, PA. To show you some of what I got yesterday at the Fruit Bowl I have posted the deals below. i cannot remember all the exact prices but I ended up spending just $19 on all of this.

1 lb. bag of baby carrots
3 lb. bag of McIntosh apples
cherry tomatoes
2 cucumbers
5 lb. bag of red grapefruit
10 pears
12 tangerines
dozen eggs
head of iceberg lettuce

Often times my sale posts and coupons are for the cabinet stuffer items but places like this help us stay healthy and are budget friendly. Tell me about the places you go to to buy fresh and save.

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