Sunday, January 10, 2010

Target Weekly Deals and Coupon Match Ups 1/10-1/16

Here are a list of the great sales that Target is offering this week. I also have listed all the coupons that are available right now at that can be matched with a manufacturer coupon. Tons of money to be saved this week. Might have to drive the hour this week to score some good deals.

Target Sales:
Tylenol Cold and Multi Symptom 20ct. $4.99-$1.00(12/6 RP)= $3.99

Advil 200 ct. $12.99-$2.00(11/15 RP)=$10.99

Vaseline Lotion $5.00x2=$10.00-$5.00 gift card=$2.50 each

Kibble N Bits Dog Food 17.6 lbs. $9.49-$2.00(12/6 RP)=%7.49

Clean and Clear Morning Burst Cleanser $4.49-$2.00 here =$2.49

Special K Bars or Crackers $2.39-$1.00 here=$1.39 x2= $2.78 + free box of 10ct fruit crisps =$.92 cents each box

Dunkin Donuts coffee $6.00-1 here= $5.00x3=$15 -$5 gift card= $3.33 each bag

Clasico Spaghetti Sauce $1.84x2-$1 here= $$2.68 or $1.34 each jar

Pepsi 12 pk $3.67-$1.00 here= $2.67

Sobe Life Water $1.00x10=$10.00-.25 x2 here= $9.50-$5.00 gift card= $4.50 or .45 cents each

Lean Cuisine frozen meal $1.88-$1.00 here= .88 cents

Here are the Target coupon matchups for this week. Target coupons are listed first and all can be found here. You should keep a copy of the Target Coupon Policy with you in case you have a problem. If you do get some of the deals please leave in the comments section was the shelf price was and what you paid.

Special K cereal .50(x2) +Buy One Get One Free here

Agro Corn Starch .50+.40(11/8 SS)

M&M Premiums $1.00+1.00(12/6 RP)

Welch's Sparkling Juice $1.00+$1.00(11/15 SS)

Temptations Cat Treats $1.00+.50(12/6 RP)

Pedigree Dog Treats $1.00+1.00(12/6 RP)

Caesar Treats for dogs $1.00+1.00(12/6 RP)

Coffee Mate Creamers(buy 2) $1.00+1.50 here

Flexamin Joint Care $3.00+$6.00(12/6 RP) or $4.00 here

Osteo BiFlex $3.00+5.00 here

Disney Children's Vitamins $1.00+1.00 here

Jergen's Sensitive Skin Lotion $1.50+1.50 here

Jergen's Moisturizer $1.00(x2) +3.00(12/6 SS)

Curel Moisturizer $1.00+2.00(12/6 SS)

GE Compact Fluorescent Bulb $1.50 +1.00 here

Pedialyte $1.50+1.50(11/8 SS)

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