Thursday, February 11, 2010

Who else wants to make $86.40 an hour?

So recently The Wall Street Journal ran a story called Are Coupons Worth It. I know what my answer is and I hope yours is the same. But here they did the math to find that for as long as it takes to clip and use a coupon that we are actually making about $86.40 an hour. Thats crazy! I now know for sure that clipping coupons is really worth it. I have often wondered and doubted myself. Then I look back at all I have saved and without savings I would not be able to buy what I need for my family. Our family has gone through many financial difficulties and I may look and say look how much I saved where instead I should say look how much I was able to provide for my family. My challenge to you is to share my site with everyone you know so that more and more people can save this much money. I also want your ideas on what else to put on my site. Thank you to my dedicated readers.

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