Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Walmart Deals I scored Tonight 6/29/10

Took the kids to Walmart tonight becasue I had to get an ink cartridge, so yes that blew my savings little bit but I can justify the cost of one of those every few months for the amount of money I save with all the coupons I print. So here are the items I bought and coupons used.

Woolite 60 oz Laundry Det. on Clearance $5.00- $1( not sure where I got this coupon but here is $1.50 off)= $4.00 for me or $3.50 for you

Febreeze 2 pack $4.97-$1( Home Made Simple Booklet)= $3.97

Pantene Pro V Condition on Clearance $2.50x2- $2( from PG mail today, go here to request yours)= $3.00 for 2 or $1.50 each

Cottonelle 12 pack toilet paper $5.97-$1(PG mail coupon, go here to request yours)= $4.97

Cinnabon Cereal $2.00-$1(6/27 RP)= $1.00

Schick Quattro Trimmer $9.94-$4(6/27 SS)= $5.94

Rimmel Eye Shadow $2.47-$2 here= .47 cents!

Cottonelle Fresh Wipes Travel size .97-.50(PG Mail, get yours here)=.47 cents

NY Nail Polish $1.72-$1 here= .72 cents

Stride Gum .96x2- .96(BOGO coupon from 5/16 SS)= .96/2 or .48 cents each!

GUM Flossers .92 cents

Wonka Exceptionals Candy $2.97-$1 here= $1.97

Doritos on sale $1.98( I'm prego and wanted them without a coupon!)

Ocean Spray Blueberry Juice $2.00-$1 here= $1.00 each

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