Thursday, July 1, 2010

Have I told you Lately how much I love Sears?

So as you may know I love SEARS! Yes and today proved my point even further. I went in looking for some good clearance finds for PJ's for my daughter and shorts for the other. Well as I am carefully looking around for good clearance finds an associate comes up to me to tell me that starting tomorrow 7/2 they are taking an extra 40% off the already clearance prices. I love these sales! But then I thought I don't want to have to put these things back and come back to shop again tomm with 3 kids. But she told me she would hold anything for 24 hours to get the sale price tomm. I am so siked to show you my sales tomm when I pick it up and get the extra 40% off. So go here to find get info on your local Sears and call ahead to see if they are having the same sales. She said our store was until the 11th!

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