Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crayola Coupons + Rebate= Better Black Friday Price

Go here and LIKE Crayola on Facebook. Click on the Holiday offers tab and you you will be able to print these 3 coupons:
~ $1.00 off Glow Board
~ $1.00 off Crayon Maker
~ $2.00 off Beginnings Color Me a Song

Theses items also qualify for a rebate available here making these toys even cheaper! These 3 items rebates amounts are:
Glow Board $2.00 back
Crayon Maker $3.00 back
Beginnings Color Me a Song $3.00 back

On Black Friday here are some sales:
~ Kmart Glow Board $17.99-$1 coupon- $2.00 rebate=$14.99 (Amazon is $18.58 on sale)

~ Michael's Crayola Kits 50% off now $9.99-$19.99(Thursday Only)

~ Kmart Crayon Maker $18.99-$1 coupon- $3.00 rebate=$14.99 (Amazon is $20.00 on sale)

~ Walmart Crayon Maker $15.00-$1 coupon-$3.00 rebate=$11.00(amazon price is $20.00)

~ Walmart Toy Story 3 Glow Board $15.00-$1 coupon-$2.00 rebate=$12.00(Amazon price is $26.23 on sale)

I am still looking for more toy coupons to match with BF sales since most people shop for toys on this day. Is there something you are shopping for this year that you would like some help with, leave me a comment.

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