Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Walmart Announces Price Match for Black Friday Sales

I am shocked to be typing this and kinda bummed at the same time. Walmart announced yesterday that they will price match other stores black Friday sales prices. The reason I am bummed is because it kinda takes the trill out of running around to all the different stores and putting them in order of what time they open. But for others you can possibly get all your deals in one place if Walmart carries the same item. Here is what Walmart posted on there website.

How it works:
You go to Walmart starting at 12:01am on Black Friday and take the ads with you from other stores (ie Target, Kohl's, CVS, etc) and I guess you should take your ad to customer service to let them know what you are going to do so you don't waste time if for some reason they will not accept your ad(if the competitor's store is to far away). Then take your items to register and hopefully they will give you the sales price from the other store.

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