Monday, February 7, 2011

My Daily News- Review

My kids recently had the opportunity to review an item for themselves. They received the "My Daily News" for the Educational Toys Planet.

The Educational Toys Planet sells a huge selection of toys for all ages and skill levels. They have many items you can't even find in stores. I love giving gifts like this because people are always intrigued by where I bought that toy. The Education Toy Planet can be searched through by age or category. This makes it very simple to find the right toy for the right age group.

My Daily News is a news paper for kids made by Alex Toys. The price of this toy is just $9.97. What a great toy for ages 18 months and up for under $10.

Each child got a chance to give there thoughts about My Daily News. My 3 month old girl enjoyed the crinkling sound of the toy, just like a real newspaper with out all the messy ink. And she can even put it in her mouth which I would never let her do with a real newspaper. My son who is 2 enjoyed the pictures and when I read him the articles an headlines. My daughter who is 3 liked finding different pictures of herself to put in the front page to make it seem like she was part of the news. My oldest who is 5 cannot read well yet so she enjoyed making up stories to the pictures in the news. She even made it interesting and the news story changed everyday, just like Mommy's newspaper.

Overall this toy would be great for almost any age group even beyond 5 years. Anyone older would be able to read the newspaper right along side of Mom and Dad. This toy is part of the motor skills group on Educational Toys Planet. There are many other toys in this category as well.

I hope you take the time to search through the large inventory over at The Educational Toys Planet to help your children expand there skills.

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