Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Review- Bright Starts Teethers

For a lot of you mom's out there I have started writing reviews on some products that are offered to me to try out. I hope these reviews help you know what is worth your money and what to save your money on.
My 3 month old little girl, Payton, is helping me with this review from Bright Starts. They sent her 2 teethers as she gets started to teeth. Payton tried the Snuggle & Teethe and the Pretty in Pink Chill & Teethe. The Pretty in Pink is available for sale on the Bright Starts site for just $3.49. This includes 3 rings, 2 hearts and a flower. We put the teethers in the fridge for Payton and then as she chewed on them it was a soothing sensation on her gums. I really liked that these were specifically made for girls. Plus a portion of the proceeds from this collection(Pretty In Pink, many other toys available in this collection) support breast cancer research and awareness.

The Snuggle and Teethe is a soft dog with rubber hands and feet that are great for baby Payton to chew on. Also the dog makes a crunchy sound which was great for Payton. This toy is not sold on there website but can be purchased at Walmart, Target or Toys R Us.

Both these toys get a A+ plus grade from me and Payton. She has enjoyed playing with both and they will be great for her as we head into the difficult days of teething.

Bright Starts offer so many other items for sale on there site. I have enjoyed searching through the large selection of toys I didn't even know existed.

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