Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ThredUp- 1st Box Free

Thredup.comSo I know I have talked about ThredUp before but I didn't know much about it and to be honest with you I still don't know all the ins and outs, but I will share with you my thoughts.

So here's how it works, you pick your box of stuff you want and pay $15.95($5 for the box and $10.95 for the shipping). If you sign up here they will give you $5 so you just pay shipping for your box. Shipping is something you can almost never escape from when buying online and at least we are paying the actual shipping not plus other fees.

ThredUp will send you boxes from the USPS that are the Medium Flat Rate boxes. Fill them with your stuff and list them. In order to make money from your boxes you need to list "Low Supply Boxes". This list can be seen from the main search page in the middle of the page. See the current amount per size you can make. I have done quite a few boxes and have over $60 in my account that can be used to towards new boxes as my kids grow.

At first I thought it was no good because you make no money, but if you sell the right sizes, which is most sizes, you can make anywhere from $2-$6. I am thrilled to have it out of my house, as is my husband, and it is so simple to list items since they do not require you take pics. Just fill in the fields, leave a description and post. When someone picks your box you print the label right from there. Try it out and get your first box free, so FREE clothes, just pay shipping. Let me know what you pick out!

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