Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Way to Organize

As many of you have noticed I have lacked of posts this past week and you may be wondering what I have been up to? Well I have been out of town with my family and I have been creating this new work of art.

I have created a spreadsheet to help you shop smarter at Rite Aid. It is set up to have you put in the item and price you are paying and then it subtracts your coupons and up rewards and even adds tax.

When you first go to use the spreadsheet(SS) you will want to change your Tax Rate on the right hand side in yellow. This will automatically change the amounts it calculates in the taxable column. My suggestion to you is to save this blank template to your computer and use it every week you shop at Rite Aid. It will help you see the bottom line of the items you purchase plus adds up your rewards and out of pocket(OOP). I am not an expert in making spreadsheets so I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. Please leave me a comment if you downloaded it and need help or have suggestions. I do plan to make a sheet for CVS as well but wanted to see how many of you liked this one first, so make sure you tell me if you like it so I know whether to make any other stores.

Download Here

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