Saturday, October 1, 2011

CVS Trip- And There Is Still Time for You to Shop!

Yesterday I had an awesome trip to CVS and enjoyed shopping with reader and coupon newbie Nicole and seeing my other friend and reader Lisa. I was able to score some great deals and was not expecting my total to be sooooo low, but am thrilled. I did split my order into 2 trasactions. When I say that I split my order I put all the items that give me Extra Care Bucks(ECB) back first. Then I do my 2nd order and use my ECB to pay for that order. So here is how I split and saved at CVS and there sales don't end til tonight, so you still have time to rush over there!

Order #1:
Pantene Shampoo and Cond 2/$6.97-2 FREE coupons(previoulsy avaialble on Facebook)= 2 FREE-$1 ECB(when you buy 2)= $1 money maker!
SoftSoap Hand Soap $3.00x2=$6.00- 2 .70 here= $4.60- $4ECB= .60 for 2 bottles
Hannah Montana Watch(stocking stuffer but had to hide before the picture) Clearance for $2.50
Excedrin 8 count .99-.99ECB= FREE(limit 2)
ThermaCare Heat Wrap $3.79- $3.79ECB= FREE
Schick Quattro Trim Style Razor $8.99-$5(previously here)= $3.99- $4 ECB= FREE

Total was $21.24
After Manufactorer Q's total was 7.87
Used a $4 off $20(emailed from CVS) and a $2ECB from a Facebook offer
$1.87! And got back $14.77 ECB!

Order #2:
Pantene $3.49- FREE(previosly a Facebook offer)=FREE
York Peppermint Patties $3.34x2= $6.67(needed a filler to get over $20)
Emerald Nuts $3.00-$1.10(previosly online, just can't find where, sorry)= $1.90
(taken out of pic, I guess my hubby took them hunting!)
Febreeze Diffuser was $10.99 on clearance for $2.74-$2(PG Mailer)= .74!
Febreeze Luminary $2.62 on clearance
Febreeze Luminary Refil $1.37 on clearance- FREE Q(PG Mailer)
Popsicle 100 count clearance $1.00(has a $1 rebate in the box!)
Sunkist sodas .88x2=1.76

Total was $22.62
After Man. Q was $13.29
Used a $4 off $20 emailed to me
Used $9 ECB from first order
Total .32 cents!

Still have $6.77 ECB for next week!

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