Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shopscotch- New Cash Back Site

I have stumbled on yet another cash back site called Shopscotch. They offer a $5 sign up bonus and like the other they give you a percentage back on the purchases you make. As I post deals I will try and tell you which of the now 3 cash back sites offers the best percentage at that store.
You can also look for specific items and compare prices from different stores and it will tell you how much cash back you will receive on that one 1 item! I think that is very neat because often times I am looking for a specific item, not a a store. Try this out by typing an item into the search box on there site.

With Shopscotch you can also refer friends and get 10% back on what they purchase. This is a little different from the other CBS(Cash Back Sites) that offer a flat $5 when the other person signs up.

You have to earn $25 to cash out. But if you are going to shop online anyway mine as well get some cash back right? This info along with the other CBS info will be available on the Cash Back Sites tab from my website.

1 comment:

  1. I have recently heard about this site and hope to use it soon. Otherwise, being a frugal online shopper, I mostly use FatWallet, AAfter Search, Ebates, and ShopAtHome.